Spain Dated 1591 2 Escudos NGC 58 Gold Doubloon


This piece is the epitome of “Pirate Treasure!” When you first view this piece the first that stands out is the Toning, that appears to be Sediment, which verified upon closer examination of 5 O’clock in between the dots you can see the Coral Encrustation.

The contrast between the Sediment and the lustrous Gold really emphasis the Devices. The reverse is equally as beautiful with the almost perfectly centered Cross and Tressure. The details on the reverse are deeply and cleanly struck (high Unc quality).

However, of course, what separates this piece from its counterparts in the Dated (1) 591 on the Obverse to the Right of the Shield and the “II” Denomination and Assayer “C” to the Left. Gorgeous piece, rare opportunity to get you Pirate GOLD!