1739 Rooswijk Shipwreck Silver Bar


Lifetime Warranty - $6.95

From the Famous Shipwreck of 1739 Rooswijk with both Salvager's Tag and COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Measures in at 6-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1- 5/8" and weighs in at 1970 grams of 98.5% fine silver with stamps of the Amsterdam chamber of the VOC (Dutch East India Co.) and Assayer mark of Otto and/or Wouter Buck, from the Bredenhof of 1753.

This bar was offered in Christie's Amsterdam auction in 1986 (this bar has been off the market for 32 years), and it comes with a Generic Salvarger's COA and the Original Red Velvet Bag from stamped Christie's.

There are two deep stamps: a small, inches shield containing a lily and the initials F.E. for Assayer Francois Engelsen Jr. and the a VOC monogram (cartouche) with Z above and M below (Dutch East India Trading Co., which was the first company formed and the wealthiest on the planet—today's values would have put this company's market cap at over $3 trillion (or 3 Apple co's); they controlled the east routes and the trade for most of the World.

There are typical depressions with several bias-cuts for adjustment and assaying. It is nicely toned all over.

This treasure bar from a 1753 shipwreck is a piece of history that sailed the seas and trading routes in the era of Pirates!