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1715 FLEET SHIPWRECK "ROYAL LIKE" MEXICO 8 ESCUDOS 1714 "DATE ON REVERSE" NGC 63 FINEST KN GOLD DOUBLOON COB PEDIGREED (43 YEARS ago Last on Market) in SCHULMAN AUCTION "SPANISH GALLEON TREASURE AUCTION" in 1972 in NY at Waldorf – Astoria Hotel, LOT # 485 Described as follows: 8 Escudos 1714 oMJ.

Fully DATED on REVERSE! Sharp Large Planchet almost a "ROYAL." Perfect GEM! (27.1 gm) (see attached pictures of the auction catalog and the exact lot and write up). This Gold Doubloon is the FINEST KNOWN of ONLY 9 pieces Certified! These scarce pieces and were struck very similar to the famed "ROYALS." ONLY 8 ESCUDOS DATED 1714 are SOMETIMES "4 DIGIT DATED on REVERSE AT 12 O'CLOCK" allowing "DEI G." to be extended to "DEI GRAT."!

Also, these were only struck in the first few months of 1714, accounting for the Rarity! This is the ONLY piece (see comps below) that we've been able to find through our research that contains 100% of 3 critical characteristics: FULL CROWN, FULL DATE, and FULL KING's NAME. What's most aesthetically luring about this piece of Sunken Treasure is the color of the GOLD.

Almost indescribably brilliant, such a deep luster, the brightest GOLD I've ever seen (attesting to its high carat content), literally shines like pure 24 kt Gold! It's an honor to bring this "Presentation Piece" to the open market for all to enjoy! COMPARABLES: A full ROYAL sold in early 2014 in a 64 grade at $300,000.00 ($293,750 to be exact).

The piece featured here is about as close as you can get without paying $300,000! We have found 4 other pieces in all our research, these photos also attached to this listing. The FIRST piece was sold in JAN. 2009 (almost 7 years ago) in an auction, it SOLD for $23,000 approx. With the buyer's fee and was listed as Choice EXTREMELY FINE (in grade) it has encrustations scattered throughout, excellent centering, but only approx. 50% of the date is visible (bottom half).

Also, the KING's name is approx. 70% missing as well. The surfaces are reflective of the encrustation and sand washing (rough surfaces), but is well centered and is a Lovely Doubloon as well. * Interestingly, this exact piece was in the same auction, back in 1972, one lot before the article we are featuring here (lot #484). The Second comp (pic attached) is of the same variety as well and sold in auction approx. 2 Years (2013) in an NGC 61 Grade for just over $21,150. The date is approx. 60% visible, the Crown about 70% visible and the King's name about 1% visible (99% missing).

More importantly, there are 2 or 3 hard Rim dents (edge dings), which is aesthetically damaging and effects the value. The Third piece was sold back in Jan. 2014 in the auction as is of the same variety but Damaged as noted on PCGS holder (H2o Damage), but is listed as Unc details. It lacks the King's name entirely, the Crown is above average but cut off at the top, as all others are that we've seen. The date is better than the others but has severe edge damage as well or rim dents and of course saltwater damage (as mentioned on a holder. The 4th piece also sold in auction, RAW "UN-Certified" in April 2012 for just under $15,000 but is in deplorable condition (in my opinion), it lacks it's DATE, CROWN & King's name entirely.